Special Health Resources for Texas

Special Health Resources

At Special Health Resources for Texas, we are committed to excellence in our programs serving youth, adults, and families throughout East Texas. We promote positive family communication, professional drug and alcohol prevention, intervention and treatment,  client-centered HIV/AIDS education, outreach, testing, and primary medical treatment.

Special Health Resources for Texas, Inc. is committed to delivering comprehensive physical and mental health care of the highest standard to the 23 counties of East Texas in the most accessible and affordable methods possible.

We believe that by working together with families and individuals in a personal and professional manner, we will improve the health and quality of life in our communities and achieve our mission of "Making healthcare acessible for East Texans".

Staff Philosophy

The function of Special Health Resources is to enable the staff and community to achieve together what they cannot possibly achieve alone. Special Health Resources is intended to make our highest personal hopes achievable through common search, common effort and common discipline.  Special Health Resources tries to provide the environment in which each employee can become what they most seek to be. We try to bring the uniqueness of every individual – client and staff – to fruition


Our adminstrative address is:   410 N. 4th Street, Longview, Texas 75601 or P.O. Box 2709. Longview, Texas 75606.